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The V Behavior(Title track)

Kick it OUT NOW

Pretty baby remix

Di Di Di Don't you want to smile this season

Down Right stupid right now

Pretty baby (Original)



Vonngaishe’s sound is a pop heady blend of dance, R&B and hip-hop, a mixture of

live instruments and electronic sounds delivering an end result that is imaginatively

creative, original, a debut that is simply a must for music lovers, it’s totally lit!

Question Now is, what is the V, what do I stand for.

Life, does come with its ups and downs which is something we cannot escape, or

control, so I cannot stand in front of you and tell you to


Because relaxing depends on a lot of things… things we sometimes cannot control

or be sure of. So, we create a balance between pain and joy, for some its more to

the positive or completely positive, for others its more to the negative or completely

negative, and for the worst of us we sway recklessly between the two extremities

until time hops onto the other end of the chess board and its checkmate.

So instead I’ll tell you to v lax,



It’s a decision that No matter what, Nonmatter when, the question was never

Who am I but?

Who have I decided to be?

I am my own biggest fan,

What is the most I can achieve with what I got.

It then becomes a lifestyle, to make happiness intentional, Positivity seizes to

be an option,

So here it goes everybody

My name is Vonngaishe

and all I am here to say is


The V Behavior

Sound & Feel: The title track opens on Acappella voices full of resonance and

surreal flow, followed by a tough rapping flow rife with flair and echoing effects.

The last track, “Be My Friend” snaps, crackles, and pops on luminous chiming

tones backed by industrial grinding timbres. If pressed, I’d define the melody

as a mixture of hip-pop, pop, and R&B aromas. Again, it’s extraordinarily distinctive

and hecka-contagious.

Songwriting process: This is the soundtrack, I made this music, not after just a bad day, but during bad years I never thought would end. The music is kind of toned by the process to move away from all the disappointment, the nothingness, the time wasted to facing life with a perspective that is on my terms, ie Vlaxing. So in this new season, all I am here to say is V LAX ie have a perspective on even the worst of things on your terms

Pretty Baby

Sound & Feel: “Pretty Baby” delivers an alt-pop groove full of tight, brawny

rhythm, as Vonngaishe’s rich, tautly delicious tones glide overhead. There’s a bit of

EDM savor in the melody, but it’s so sui generis that it’s difficult to put in a box.

Songwriting process: This is a love song, where you are in love with someone who

questions your love, and the reasons to question your love are as many insecurities

as they are things you can change, like your past, money, and motives. You are now

in a place where things are only getting worse and there is nothing you can say or do.

You have a choice to self-destruct or ignore everything or face the future positively.  

Down Ryt Stupid Ryt Now & Down Ryt Stupid Ryt Now interlude

Sound & Feel: “Down Ryt Stupid Ryt Now,” riding a potent dance beat composed

of innovative syncopated percussion supporting bright keyboards. The melody

merges dance energy with R&B vestiges, as well as hip-hop textures. Garbled, snarling background vocals infuse the tune with tantalizing sonic coloration.

Songwriting process: There are times when vlaxing does not make sense,

when things have gone bad, you are expected to resort to doom & gloom. It

becomes harder to be openly positive without looking crazy or acting stupid.

This is the very moment you have to just be Down Ryt Stupid Ryt now,

& never & please not in-between.

The V Behavior slaps! Vonngaishe more than has it going on,

amalgamating the first-of-its-kind sound into captivating musical confections.

“Not only is the music different and captivating, now you, stream it & let me know

how it makes you feel.”


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